Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bad Blogger

Hi All
Hope your all well and enjoying your summer hols
The weather here hasn't been that bad...more rain than sun!
But its still been busy busy.....trying to entertain a 12yr old
and a 6yr old...esp if you don't drive like myself!!
And need to catch 2 buses just to go for a hours swim.
We've done some baking,mainly yummy
for which don't last very
Many trips to the park,the library....and for the last 2 weeks
shopping for camping equipment...yes you read right
CAMPING....we've have taken the plunge and decided
to have a go at camping under
we as a family havn't had a holiday for 2yrs
a few nights away is well overdue!
Ive booked us a 3nights 2adults 2 kids 1 dog
no electric hookup at Peppermint Park In Dawlish
at the bank holiday weekend.
We order our Gelert Lakesbury 5 tent off the net and it arrived yesterday
we just need to big space now to try it out!
So most weekends have been spent scouring the camping shops
and esp the famous GoOutdoors in Cardiff...what a fab shop and great prices!
So as this is our first(could be the
time we've had to buy everything,start from
Im soooo looking forward to it...Jake is like a bottle of pop as he's
not slept in a tent before...i just hope the weather will be kind to us!
so im really sorry that ive not been around lately!
Ive loads of pic's to show PIF off the lovely Lisa
also my PIF i sent to Rachel.
I will try and upload them real soon.
Also this going to make a start on my PIF's
So could the lovely peeps that commented on my PIF
post....please email me your address as i would like to send
them out before i go away on the 28th.
Right im off and Jake are off to a bootsale
in the morning in trying to save my money for hols
but you can't turn down a day out at a bootsale can you?
So nite all....hope you all well...and i will try and catch up
with your blogs over the next couple of days.
Big Hugs Clare xx


winnibriggs said...

You wont regret this (unless the weathers really unkind). We took our kids camping for years (all we could afford really) and they still rave about their 'fab childhood hols'. In fact daughter, partner and grandson are like you going on their first outing in a week or twos time. Enjoy it!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ohhh you naughty blogger. Don't you know that Glamping is the new camping!!! so loads of peeps have told me on FB!!! It looks brill and not too pricey. Hope all is well and you are managing with the horse pills!LOL Hazelxoxo

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi Clare, I just found your lovely Blog via Lovely to see more people from the UK - most of my internet friends are from the US!

Have a great day, from your new follower!!

Take care,
Jane :-)