Monday, 31 May 2010

My Bargain Finds....

Good Evening All
Hope your all having a lovely bank holiday
weekend...the weather here this weekend
as been good..rained all day Saturday,the sun came out yesterday
and its been good all round for the weather
So it been Car Boot Sales for two days...Sully on Sunday
and Abergavenny & Little Mill today.
So i thought i would show you my finds from Sully Boot Sale
3 Tea towels - 50p Brand New still with Home Bargains
tag on them.Not sure what im going to make
out of these yet

50p each....I think i will paint these and distress
them to a shabby chic style....not sure yet...any idea's??

A Bundle of Craft & Card Making Mags
a £1.00..some are a few yrs old..but that's ok
cause ive not read

And here is a little teaser for my Strawberry Swap
This bag contains 3 strawberry swap items.
Everywhere i go on the look
out for anything to do with strawberries....even got my mother
looking around the shops near her caravan park
where she is staying for the

Well that's my bargain finds from yesterday,ive
not had chance to photo today's finds
but as soon as i will upload them later
One find is a gorgeous little picnic basket..with red gingham
fabric inside....for a £1 I'm sure it was a child's picnic
Right I'm off to take the dog for a walk
and then make a start on a hanging heart
out of some of the material i found today.
TTFN Clare xx

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Where has The Sun Gone.....

Good Afternoon All

Hope your all well.....What a horrible day here
it's not stopped raining all day...was hoping to go the the local
Car Boot Sale this morning..but cause of the rain it was cancelled.
But fingers crossed the sun will be back out tomorrow
for Sundays Boot Sale in Sully.

My oldest son Jordan has been lucky enough to spend his
half term week down Tenby,West Wales with his nanny & bampi
in their caravan.

So its just Hubby,Jake & myself.....piece and
Hubby has Monday & Tuesday off work...which i love having him home
but at the same time...wish he was in work...and let me get on
with stuff round the house..if you know what i mean!!
Anyway.....Hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend

And that the sun is shinning for you!
And you may notice ive been having a play with
my blog background...hope you like it.....

TTFN Clare xx

p.s also im not sure if you know...but ive got another blog
that i post all my card making stuff on..if you want a nosey

Friday, 28 May 2010

Look What Mr Postie Brought Me....

Good Morning All
Woo...Hoo its the start of Half Term
Ive got a whole week off work....and fingers crossed
the weather stays good for use.
And to make my day even better....look what came in the post
this morning.....My CK mag..i order about 2weeks ago
off the CK website.
I'm not lucky enough to own any CK items of yet....
but i can now say I'm the proud owner
of a CK mag..Ive had a quick peek though it....and i know
what i want for my birthday in

I also want to Thank Kathy/Pixiedust - Faerie Nuff
for organising the Strawberry Swap on her blog.
And yesterday we found out who our partners are
and mine is the lovely Rubyred
Im soooo excited now...i can't wait to get creating
and send my 5 goodies off to Rachel....hoping she will like them!
And also if by any chance if Rubyred you are reading this
you can contact me here
Will look forward to hearing from you.
Right off back to work...last shift now..and than its
a week off for half term....and hope you all have a lovely
weekend..the weather here today is gorgeous
but a lot cooler..esp in the shade..but as long as its dry.
TTFN Clare xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sunday 23rd May On The Beach @ Sully

Good Morning
Hope your all well....
What gorgeous weather we've been having
its been so hot here...its been killing!
But its a lot cooler here today...and we are suppose
to be having rain here tonight...hope so but hope it
doesn't last...just enough to wetter the plants..and to have a good night
I also thought i would share with you some pic's of our
day spent out at Sully Beach celebrating our son
Jordan's 12th Birthday.....and here are the pic's...

Jake(left) & Jordan(right)

And Sully Island,the tide was just starting to come
in...and the sea was like a mirror..not a ripple in sight.
We spent the morning at a massive Boot Sale..but it was just to
hot to look proper....but i did buy some material
Jordan bought a few DVD's with his birthday money
and hubby bought a battery charger....and the bargain of the day
was a Wii Game called Sega Bass Fishing which was just £5 and it
came with the fishing rod......
Hopefully and fingers crossed the weather will be good
again on we can take a trip there again!
I so love this time of year,as the boot sales start.
Right that's it from me....hopefully ill be back soon with
some i rented a excellent book from the
library yesterday...called Fast Fabric Gifts by Sally Southern
And what a excellent read...and now my mind is working over
TTFN Clare x

Monday, 17 May 2010

My Tea Towel Bag......

Good Evening All
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
The weather here today was gorgeous....its also
the talk of work that the weather is going to get warmer
with lots of sun on its way....just what we've been waiting for!
So i thought i would share with you my first bag!
I made this yesterday...but finally finished it today...
Its made from Tea Towels i bought from the famous shop
B&M Bargains....5 towels for £1.99p
This bag took one & 1/2 Towel

I also made a flower out of blue felt
some scrap towel & one large button.
Im really pleased with this is my first attempt
even hubby said it was
My oldest son didn't believe i made
I just can't wait to use it for work tomo!
And i will defo be making more
as it will be easier next time as i know what im doing
as i don't do reading instructions...i just look at the pictures
and work it out
Right hope you like
TTFN Speak Soon Clare xx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Look What Mr Postie Brought.....

Good Afternoon All
Hope your having a lovely week so far!
The weather here now this afternoon/evening
is gorgeous..but a little chilly..esp when your in the shade.
I wanted to show you this yesterday but i was so busy
with this & that...i had no time!

So i thought i would share with you my first
purchase over at Patch Fabrics
And my very first purchase of
Michael Miller Fabric and this one is called
I also bought some ribbons.
I order this on Tuesday morning and it arrived
all gorgeously wrapped up on Wednesday morning
how fast is that...!! Excellent service.
Ive not had time to have a play yet....but hopefully on the weekend
so watch this space.
And don't forget to pop over to Patch Fabrics
to check out the most gorgeous fabric ever
but you may need to hide your
So thanks for popping by
TTFN Hugs Clare xx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Happy Snappy 3rd Birthday Beau x

Good Morning All
Hope your well...and the sun is shinning where you are!
Just thought i would share with you a pic of my dog
Beau he's a Bichion Frise
And its is 3rd birthday today...Woof Woof
I got him for my 30th birthday off Hubby & the boys
and its my birthday in it won't take
you long to work out how old i will be
Hope you like...Right im off to do some online
shopping...its pay day as promised
im heading over to Patch Fabrics
To make my first purchase of the gorgeous
fabric Claire has on offer.
Go Check it out!
I really need to make a start on my idea's i got for the summer
school fete on 12th June....and as always i leave it to the last
min...just like the xmas
so hopefully ill be back soon with pic's of what ive made!
TTFN Hugs Clare xx
P.s I also would like to thanks those who have popped by and left lovely comments
Ive only just started this its all very new at the moment
and hope to fill it up with loads of things & posts
of my creations and daily please bear with me.!!
I also make cards...and have a card blog if you would like to
have a nosey at that just click HERE

Saturday, 8 May 2010

My First Sewing Machine & First Creations

My First Sewing Machine

My first draw string bag

Hanging Heart # 1

Hanging Heart # 2

Clare x