Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Help Plz....Cowboys & Indians Bday Party

Good Evening All
Hope you've all had a lovely Tuesday....well it rained thou
the nite...no thunder!
It also rain a little this morning..for which Jake's
sports day was cancelled...but due the sun appearing
out in the afternoon...it was held at 1.30pm instead.
And what a great afternoon....I'm proud to say Jake came
1st in the egg & spoon race.
But i wasn't that brave to run/make a fool in the mums race...lol
Maybe next year!!
But its so close & muggy here..i hope its cooler tonight
so that i can sleep...i so love this weather,but its a killer
in the night!
Anyway my reason for posting is that i need your help....
Jake has been invited to his friends 6th birthday party
this Saturday....but its has a theme
"Cowboys & Indians"
And sadly Jake doesn't do dressing up...so Ive got nothing
related to it.
So i thought now Ive got a sewing machine why not make something
(don't all laugh at once..lol)
But i don't know where to start.....
Any idea's on what to use that i might have already in the house?
A (easy) tutorial i could use?
Or any thing else??
But please remember I'm no expert on the machine,
i can just about sew a straight line...lol
So something for a beginner
I would really appreciate it...would love to
go to the party and say to the other mums
"i made it " you know what i mean!!
Anyway thanks
Speak soon Hugs Clare xx

Monday, 28 June 2010

Look What Ive Won....:-)

Good Evening All
Hope your all well...and had a lovely weekend
It was hot hot..here all weekend.
The hottest day here was Saturday...too hot to even sit out i the garden
so spent most of that day indoors!
A little cooler on Sunday...with a lovely breeze
so spent the morning at a boot sale
picked up some bargains....a pair of lush curtains
i bought to cut up,she wanted £2.00
but i told her i only wanted them to cut up
so she said go on then..give me £1.50p...lol
..but now I'm thinking of putting them up
in the bedroom.
Some pink cotton gingham pillow cases to cut up
3 in total...for 50p
A ikea cream cotton roman blind for our bedroom
And a wooden spice rack thing...which Ive already sanded down and
white washed it...not finished yet.
Will take pic's tomo of my bargains and post.
Thought i would share with you my great news
i received this evening from the lovely Kandi
Ive only gone and won her gorgeous blog candy
she had on offer to celebrate 100+ followers
Just take a look at these gorgeous CK goodies
(if you've not been over to her blog..please do she makes
such gorgeous creations)

Are you jealous....lol
This is the 2nd blog candy giveaway ive won now
since starting up my sewing blog.
And fingers crossed my luck cont....
I will be defo be doing the lottery on Wednesday
after winning this candy tonight.
This is due to the kind seagull who kindly dropped
its load on my yesterday at the boot sale
on my lovely clean white top....lol
the force of it...
i thought someone had thrown something at me..lol
So i had to go and buy a top then..and lucky the lady felt sorry
for me...after she stop laughing...let me have the top for 50p...lol
So thanks Mr Seagull....lol
Also in the nest couple of days...i will be able to show you
what i made for my partner Rachael-Rubyred
for our Strawberry swap....i so cant wait
for mine to arrive.
I have a few goodies arriving in the post in the next few days
as well as my winning goodies and my swap goodies
its my birthday week today....i so cant
wait...popped i to WHSmith on the way home yesterday
and showed hubby the CK - Sew! Book i would like for my birthday
he asked the price....i told him..and you can guess what he said,
"What for a ***** book"
typical male...don't understand...lol
But he's pretty good...so i will just have to wait and see!
I'm like a big kid when it comes to birthdays and Christmas...lol
Hope you haven't fallen asleep by now....lol
They say i can't talk for wales....that's why i started a blog in the first place..lol
Fingers crossed it doesn't rain tomo....as its forecasted too
as its my little boys sports day tomo...he's in the egg & spoon
sack race & running....aww bless him
its his first...cause the last couple of yrs has been cancelled due
to bad weather.
Thanks for popping by..and reading my blog
i much appreciate it.
X Clare X

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Blomming Flowers

Good Evening All
Hope your all well and having a lovely week so far!
Isn't this weather just been soooo gorgeous...and it
sooo makes you feel better.
I'm unable to show you any makes....as they have been
for my strawberry swap..but i promise once they have
been received i will post some pic's.
But i thought i would share with you the flowers Ive been
growing in my garden/court yard.
I'm not one for growing flowers....or in other words they
don't like me...lol but this year I'm so pleased with myself
as they are all Blooming...and such lovely colours.
Also I'm not one to remember their names.....lol
But here they are......

I just love this last pic..those colours together are just
Thanks for popping by
TTFN Hugs Clare xx
P.s i still need just one person for my Pay It Forward
so don't be share.....

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pay It Forward

I have taken up a Pay It Forward (PIF) from the lovely Lynda
I was lucky enough to be the 3rd comment.
I so can't wait for my gift to arrive.

PIF is where acts of kindness are done without expecting anything in return, just passing it on, hoping that the recipients will do the same and pay it forward, like a never ending chain of kindness. I will make and send a gift for the first 3 friends who post a comment to this post, requesting to join this exchange, and promising to pay it forward to 3 other persons, etc.... I don't know what my 3 gifts will be, but I can promise I will send them within the next 365 days. What YOU have to do in return then, is "Pay It Forward" by making the same announcement and promise on YOUR blog.
So come on..ive got one comment from the lovely Jillie
Who would like to join in!
So i just need another to people willing to join
in this great idea...and i can promise that i will send them out
in the next couple of weeks....So get commenting!
Good Luck

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Crafty Sunday - My First Bunting

Good Evening All
Hope you've had a lovely weekend
How fast has it gone....The weather was gorgeous
yesterday....but clouded here and we've had a little
rain about a hour ago...but the sun is back out!
Right on to Crafty Sunday....Ive seen this on
a couple of the blogs I'm following.
And thought i would join in....so this is a first for me!

Right so here is my make
A boys bunting...and my first ever bunting.
Ive made it for my son Jake for his bedroom.

Here is a closer pic
I made it from
The blue gingham is from a laundry bag i bought
at a boot sale for 50p
And the letters are cut out from a boys child
shirt i also bought from the boot sale
for 20p
I used the name Jake as it was a small name for me to use
first...and now my other son wants one
but lucky his name is only 6 letters "Jordan"...lol
For the letters i used.... large Stencils..you know
the plastic ones....stenciled the letters on to paper
cut them out and pinned on to the material
and cut them out....i also used extra strong
Wundaweb on the back of the letters to help
me sew them on better.(not tried this before)
Im happy with it..and will defo be making more.
Thanks for looking
Hugs Clare xx

Friday, 11 June 2010

Woo Hoo...Look What Ive Made

Woo Hoo....Ive made a UJ pin cushion
my first ever....i know it looks a little wonky
and my sewing in straight lines could do with a little
more practice....and you may notice my button is wonky
as i forgot to add it before i sewed the right way(if you
know what i mean...lol)
Anyway..I'm pleased with it...and i will defo be making more!

I made it about a hour ago....while Dean & Jordan
try and sort out Jordan's TV with built in freeview
for him to watch the football in his bedroom.
As myself & Dean...detest football...Give
us the TT races Isle Of Man or SuperBikes
& MotoGP Any Day...But Football
is a no go in our house...lol
Right just a quick post..As its feeding time at the Zoo...lol
Until Later Hugs Clare xx

My Gorgeous Parcel & Look What I Found

Good Afternoon All
Woo..Hoo Thank God its Friday.....lol
What a busy week back to work/school
and so happy its Friday and the sun is shinning!
So Firstly i would like to share with you some pic's
of the gorgeous giveaway i was very lucky enough
to win last week from the lovely
Lucey over at Lemonade Kitty
I couldn't believe my eyes when i seen my name
as the winner.....i was so excited!
This is my first ever win of these type of gorgeous
goodies....as Ive won a couple of Blog candies
on my other blog....which has been a set of Promarkers,
Stamped images...And a rubber stamp.
But this kind of win is just out of this world!
Also this blog is all new to me...normally Card Making!
So to win this gorgeous giveaway..you can just imagine
my face when the postman knocked on my door and handed me this parcel.

This is what greeted me inside the padded envelope

And here are all my gorgeous goodies.

And i can now say with a massive smile on my face
"I'm a Proud owner of a Kath Kidson item"
And these will never be used or ever see a boggy...lol
I want to keep these forever!
So i would like to say a massive thanks to Lucey
for kindly passing these on to me....its much appreciated
Love them all xxx
Also if you haven't already please pop by lucey's
blog....its gorgeous.

Also just before i go and do the school
run....I want to share with you my find.
Walking home this morning from my morning job
i was walking down the backs to my house and noticed this
laundry basket outside my neighbours house(couple of doors up)
And carried on walking thinking to myself
i could do something with that....would look great in my bathroom.
So i plucked up the courage to walk back...and just as i was the lady came
out of the garden....and i asked if she was throwing it out
and she said she was just going to the dump
OMG......The dump i thought....So i asked if it was alright if i could have
it...and to my surprise she said yes....Woo Hoo
And here it is....
The Front

The lid

So as you can see its fab...just needs the lid to be covered
and painted again.
And than it will be placed in my bathroom for the towels
to be thrown in to...by the boys...lol
Its amazes me what people throw away....my dream job would
be to work for the council at the local tip....lol
Just think of the stuff i would bring home...lol
Anyway thanks for popping by...and for your lovely comments
They are much appreciated xx
Right its that time of day again....To pick Jake up from
school...and than popping in to town.
I might even take a look round the charity shops
and also treat myself to a new magazine.
So until next time....Have a lovely Friday and i Hope the sun
is shinning for you xxx
TTFN Hugs Clare xx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tenby West Wales

Good Evening All
Hope your all well...and having a good week so far!
No makes from me just yet...cause what I'm working on
is for my Strawberry Swap Partner...so you will have to wait...lol
So i thought i would share with you some pic's of how
we spent last Sunday before it was back to work/school
for myself & the boys!
So no Boot sale..as we had to make a 2hour/100mile
each way journey to Tenby West Wales
To pick our oldest boy up from his week
away with my in-laws/His nanny & grampa.
So as it was a such a gorgeous day
instead of going straight home we decided to spend the day there
and spent a couple of hours on the beach
The beach was in walking distance away...about 15mins
from the caravan & camping site...where the in-laws
caravan is sited.
So we took a net and tried out some crabbing...lol
So here we are

Tenby Town in the distance
and the tide was just going back out.

Jordan oldest

Jake the youngest

Myself & Jake

And can i say no crabs were harmed i
that day....as we didn't catch one crab...lol
And after a couple of hours on the beach
we went and had Fish & Chips back at the caravan
And than it was the 2hour drive back home.
But it was all worth it.....as we so miss
Tenby....We have a caravan..which for 2yrs with the new
van...and 3 yrs with the old van...we sited our caravan
down there on the same site as the in-laws.
But due to the redundancies made last yr and the beginning
of this year at Hubbies works....we have decided not
to site it...just in case we paid site fees..and than dean
got made redundant....but fingers crossed work is picking
up now...and we are hoping to have a week down there
in August and may even site it again next yr..that's if we don't get
a camper van...hubby has been on about this for ages now.
He just loves the thought of coming home from work on a Friday
and pick the boys up from school....and off we go
and just camp where ever it fancies us.
Anyway...might win the lottery by than...lol
We can still dream!
Also i would like to thank my new followers
and for your lovely comments its much appreciated xx
And make sure you pop back tomo
as ive got some pic's of the gorgeous giveaway
i was lucky enough to win last week....its gorgeous!
So until than..hope you all have a lovely evening
Hugs Clare xx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hanging Cushion

Good Evening All
Hope your all having a lovely evening...
As promised from the post below...Here are pic's
of the make i made this morning....A hanging cushion
With the letter H zig zag stitched on.
Ive also used some Vanilla oil on the stuffing
inside to make the cushion smell gorgeous.

back of the cushion

Both material's used are from my Boot Sale finds
The button is basic grey from my card making stash.

I made this for my lovely friend who's birthday
was yesterday...and i really hope she likes it.
As this is my first make as a gift.....

Thanks for popping by
TTFN Clare x

Bank Hoilday Boot Sale Finds

Good Afternoon All
From a very dull wet S.Wales..where has the sun gone...
But a great excuse to a couple of hours crafting.
But first as promised i thought i would show
you my Bank Holiday Boot Sale Finds
A picnic basket £1.00

Inside it..thought i would use it for my cotton
& needles.
This is brand new never been opened

Brown & Cream
check material 50p a massive fat quarter

Child's shirt 20p just to cut up

50p brand new

3 cotton table cloths £2.00 and if you look closer
you can see the circle print on them....

And as you can see this was £1.00
Not sure what its called..but i thought it would look
lovely on my hanging hearts...

And that's it now until next weekend..but as I'm off work
due to half term i might go to the boot sale
in Cardiff on Thursday..with my parents as hubby is back in
work and i don't drive!
So make sure you pop back soon..as i want to show you
my make i made this morning for my lovely friend who's
birthday was yesterday.
So until then...hope you have a lovely
Clare xx