Sunday, 13 June 2010

Crafty Sunday - My First Bunting

Good Evening All
Hope you've had a lovely weekend
How fast has it gone....The weather was gorgeous
yesterday....but clouded here and we've had a little
rain about a hour ago...but the sun is back out!
Right on to Crafty Sunday....Ive seen this on
a couple of the blogs I'm following.
And thought i would join this is a first for me!

Right so here is my make
A boys bunting...and my first ever bunting.
Ive made it for my son Jake for his bedroom.

Here is a closer pic
I made it from
The blue gingham is from a laundry bag i bought
at a boot sale for 50p
And the letters are cut out from a boys child
shirt i also bought from the boot sale
for 20p
I used the name Jake as it was a small name for me to use
first...and now my other son wants one
but lucky his name is only 6 letters "Jordan"
For the letters i used.... large know
the plastic ones....stenciled the letters on to paper
cut them out and pinned on to the material
and cut them out....i also used extra strong
Wundaweb on the back of the letters to help
me sew them on better.(not tried this before)
Im happy with it..and will defo be making more.
Thanks for looking
Hugs Clare xx


winnibriggs said...

That is great and very thrifty! Your son must be very happy with it. It will look lovely in his room! Better get the other one done quickly before you have a mutiny on your hands.

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

welcome to crafty sunday, will we be seeing Jordan's one next week ? Like the tied bits between each flag and well done on such good & cheap recycling :)