Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pay It Forward

I have taken up a Pay It Forward (PIF) from the lovely Lynda
I was lucky enough to be the 3rd comment.
I so can't wait for my gift to arrive.

PIF is where acts of kindness are done without expecting anything in return, just passing it on, hoping that the recipients will do the same and pay it forward, like a never ending chain of kindness. I will make and send a gift for the first 3 friends who post a comment to this post, requesting to join this exchange, and promising to pay it forward to 3 other persons, etc.... I don't know what my 3 gifts will be, but I can promise I will send them within the next 365 days. What YOU have to do in return then, is "Pay It Forward" by making the same announcement and promise on YOUR blog.
So come on..ive got one comment from the lovely Jillie
Who would like to join in!
So i just need another to people willing to join
in this great idea...and i can promise that i will send them out
in the next couple of weeks....So get commenting!
Good Luck


Jille said...

Thank you Clare for dropping by. My husband goes always went to the TT every year, but didn't go this year because of his trip around Europe. Many of the local in the Isle of Man open their houses for bed and breakfast for visitors. Let me know if you need the address tht husband stayed at.
I would like to Pay it forward - just let me know what I need to do.
Jille x

Jille said...

Sorry Clare some of that didn't really make sense! Hope you understood!
Jille x

Just for you . . . said...

Hi Clare . . . I thought I posted a comment last night, ah well that'll teach me for staying up too late!

I would love to be a part of Pay it Forward and have already added a new post to my blog if you fancy popping over and making yourself my third entry!

Looking forward to catchin up real soon.


Rebecca White said...

Hi Clare, I have a Pay It Forward on my blog too - pop along and join in, I'm choosing a random three people on Monday!
Becky :-)