Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Help Plz....Cowboys & Indians Bday Party

Good Evening All
Hope you've all had a lovely Tuesday....well it rained thou
the nite...no thunder!
It also rain a little this morning..for which Jake's
sports day was cancelled...but due the sun appearing
out in the afternoon...it was held at 1.30pm instead.
And what a great afternoon....I'm proud to say Jake came
1st in the egg & spoon race.
But i wasn't that brave to run/make a fool in the mums race...lol
Maybe next year!!
But its so close & muggy here..i hope its cooler tonight
so that i can sleep...i so love this weather,but its a killer
in the night!
Anyway my reason for posting is that i need your help....
Jake has been invited to his friends 6th birthday party
this Saturday....but its has a theme
"Cowboys & Indians"
And sadly Jake doesn't do dressing up...so Ive got nothing
related to it.
So i thought now Ive got a sewing machine why not make something
(don't all laugh at once..lol)
But i don't know where to start.....
Any idea's on what to use that i might have already in the house?
A (easy) tutorial i could use?
Or any thing else??
But please remember I'm no expert on the machine,
i can just about sew a straight line...lol
So something for a beginner
I would really appreciate it...would love to
go to the party and say to the other mums
"i made it " you know what i mean!!
Anyway thanks
Speak soon Hugs Clare xx


shellshearer said...

Sorry hun can't help with a pattern, but I'm glad Jakes sportday went ahead...& congrats on him coming first little darling
hugs shell xx

Maria said...

I will give this some thought and get back to you :)

~JulieH~ said...

Hiya Claire
Just found your sewing blog it's fab you're really getting in to it and your creations are fab! I especially love the bunting you made for Jake. I bought that exact same machine about a year ago and it's still sitting in it's box I really must be brave and give it a try!!