Friday, 11 June 2010

My Gorgeous Parcel & Look What I Found

Good Afternoon All
Woo..Hoo Thank God its
What a busy week back to work/school
and so happy its Friday and the sun is shinning!
So Firstly i would like to share with you some pic's
of the gorgeous giveaway i was very lucky enough
to win last week from the lovely
Lucey over at Lemonade Kitty
I couldn't believe my eyes when i seen my name
as the winner.....i was so excited!
This is my first ever win of these type of gorgeous Ive won a couple of Blog candies
on my other blog....which has been a set of Promarkers,
Stamped images...And a rubber stamp.
But this kind of win is just out of this world!
Also this blog is all new to me...normally Card Making!
So to win this gorgeous can just imagine
my face when the postman knocked on my door and handed me this parcel.

This is what greeted me inside the padded envelope

And here are all my gorgeous goodies.

And i can now say with a massive smile on my face
"I'm a Proud owner of a Kath Kidson item"
And these will never be used or ever see a
I want to keep these forever!
So i would like to say a massive thanks to Lucey
for kindly passing these on to me....its much appreciated
Love them all xxx
Also if you haven't already please pop by lucey's
blog....its gorgeous.

Also just before i go and do the school
run....I want to share with you my find.
Walking home this morning from my morning job
i was walking down the backs to my house and noticed this
laundry basket outside my neighbours house(couple of doors up)
And carried on walking thinking to myself
i could do something with that....would look great in my bathroom.
So i plucked up the courage to walk back...and just as i was the lady came
out of the garden....and i asked if she was throwing it out
and she said she was just going to the dump
OMG......The dump i thought....So i asked if it was alright if i could have
it...and to my surprise she said yes....Woo Hoo
And here it is....
The Front

The lid

So as you can see its fab...just needs the lid to be covered
and painted again.
And than it will be placed in my bathroom for the towels
to be thrown in the
Its amazes me what people throw dream job would
be to work for the council at the local
Just think of the stuff i would bring
Anyway thanks for popping by...and for your lovely comments
They are much appreciated xx
Right its that time of day again....To pick Jake up from
school...and than popping in to town.
I might even take a look round the charity shops
and also treat myself to a new magazine.
So until next time....Have a lovely Friday and i Hope the sun
is shinning for you xxx
TTFN Hugs Clare xx

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