Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tenby West Wales

Good Evening All
Hope your all well...and having a good week so far!
No makes from me just yet...cause what I'm working on
is for my Strawberry Swap you will have to
So i thought i would share with you some pic's of how
we spent last Sunday before it was back to work/school
for myself & the boys!
So no Boot we had to make a 2hour/100mile
each way journey to Tenby West Wales
To pick our oldest boy up from his week
away with my in-laws/His nanny & grampa.
So as it was a such a gorgeous day
instead of going straight home we decided to spend the day there
and spent a couple of hours on the beach
The beach was in walking distance away...about 15mins
from the caravan & camping site...where the in-laws
caravan is sited.
So we took a net and tried out some
So here we are

Tenby Town in the distance
and the tide was just going back out.

Jordan oldest

Jake the youngest

Myself & Jake

And can i say no crabs were harmed i
that we didn't catch one
And after a couple of hours on the beach
we went and had Fish & Chips back at the caravan
And than it was the 2hour drive back home.
But it was all worth we so miss
Tenby....We have a caravan..which for 2yrs with the new
van...and 3 yrs with the old van...we sited our caravan
down there on the same site as the in-laws.
But due to the redundancies made last yr and the beginning
of this year at Hubbies works....we have decided not
to site it...just in case we paid site fees..and than dean
got made redundant....but fingers crossed work is picking
up now...and we are hoping to have a week down there
in August and may even site it again next yr..that's if we don't get
a camper van...hubby has been on about this for ages now.
He just loves the thought of coming home from work on a Friday
and pick the boys up from school....and off we go
and just camp where ever it fancies us.
Anyway...might win the lottery by
We can still dream!
Also i would like to thank my new followers
and for your lovely comments its much appreciated xx
And make sure you pop back tomo
as ive got some pic's of the gorgeous giveaway
i was lucky enough to win last week....its gorgeous!
So until than..hope you all have a lovely evening
Hugs Clare xx


winnibriggs said...

Tenby looks beautiful and you sound as though you all had a good time despite the long journey.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah it looks Fabby Clare, Love the piccys thanks so much for sharing, Glad Dean's work is picking up, what a worry for you all. Hxoxxo

Jille said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog the other day. Many apologies for my rudeness in leaving it so long to visit a new Welsh friend! Don't worry, now that I know you are here I will pop back often!
Jille x

Emma said...

Ahhh Clare I love Tenby..!
I lived there when I was little for a while, and my family still live there.
I don't think there is a nicer place to be, well ok at least when the sun shines that is....x