Monday, 20 December 2010

TSTR Challenge Wk 41# Scandinavian Christmas

Ive been following this challenge blog for a while
and this is my first entry... And as i love Scandinavian
Christmas designs....
How mad is this..i only made this
wreath yesterday....its a old one from work
with missing bits and was ready for the bin!
So i brought it home....took off all the broken bits.
Took some gingham ribbon and threaded it around the wreath
hand painted the wooden heart and made a bow out of
riffia...and its now hanging in the dining room...and will stay
there all year i think its not just for christmas..What do you think?

I really hope the wreath is alright to it says it
can be any project not just a card!!!
Why not pop over and take a look at the DT's creations they
are all gorgeous.
If you fancy having a have until Sunday 26th
to enter your creations...and good luck x
Thanks for stopping by hugs clare xx

Advent Swap Day 19 & 20

Good Afternoon all on a very snowy day here in S.Wales
and other few inches has fallen and its still snowing as i type!!
So its been another Pj & fun filled day on the wii for
Suppose to been going shopping this afternoon,and it was my Xmas works
do...but no way...will i be going anyway tonight.
And fingers crossed...i could be a auntie by the end of the day
my sis-in-law had to be in the hospital this morning
to be started baby was due last mum
has just text and there is no signs yet...and on the ward
its crazy...midwifes..Doctors..nurses...are still there from
their shifts yesterday..due to the bad weather,had to stay there
knowing that they might not of be able to get back in
for their next you can imagine
what its like there today!!!!
Anyway....Here is my gorgeous hand made
glass bracelet i received off Sue for day 19!
I sooo love the colour....

And just what i needed..a lovely pen to write out
all my Xmas cards and pressie if your house
is anything like can never find one when you

Right off i go....I'm the tea's lady now...hubby
has decided to finish off painting the hallway....Woo Hoo
i can then put up my little Christmas tree..and decorate it with
my hand made bits!!

So Until next time...stay warm,big hugs clarexx

A warm welcome to my new followers...Thank you for popping by
and leaving your lovely comments!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Pic's Of The Christmas Fayre 2010

**2nd Post Of The Evening See Below**
As promised here are some pic's of the stall
i had at the local school i work for...and im pleased
to say it went really well....considering i thought i would have
had to pull out...due to the sickness bug..and then snow
as you can see in the pic's...but thankfully
i was able to attend!

Thanks for looking
Hugs Clare xx

Its Starting To look Alot Like Christmas

Good Evening All....Hope your all keeping warm
and cosy....thought i would share with you a few pic's
i took this morning!!
My Christmas Tree,with a few handmade
Deck's..also on the wall are my old altered vine wreaths
with the old bits taken off and some raffia and a hand painted
wooden heart stuck on....these are staying all year round!!

My Fireplace

Beau....wondering why I'm telling him to

A lazy Sunday morning watching TV

Sunday 18th Dec 2010
Another snowy day...and more due on Monday!
Thanks for popping by
Hugs Clare xx

Saturday, 11 December 2010

My Very Very Late Advent Swap Post

Good Morning All
Hope your all been keeping well and keeping
warm...OMG woke up yesterday to about 8" of snow and
then a further 3" thou the day...and another couple
of inches this morning.
It was our last day in work/school yesterday..but due to the weather
the school was closed.
And just watching the weather we are due for more later
this morning.....and still got loads to get for Xmas!!
As due to sickness & flu making its way round us
all....Xmas shopping & Xmas decorations
have been real slow this year...but due to a extra day off
work yesterday...i can now say all the Xmas Dec's & tree are all
on display...woo hoo!!
So sorry this post is late..due to the above...and many times Ive
tried posting these photo's...and blogger wouldn't let me for some reason!!
Right so they are finally here and today's swap!!!
And i must say what gorgeous gifts they are...and thank you so much Sue
They are all so cute..and with such detail on them!!!

Here is all my goodies..and to my surprise most of them
came in little ankle socks...hanging like stockings
what a fab idea.....
And this most gorgeous hand made Xmas pudding card.

So what do you think...aren't they gorgeous..and can't wait to open
the rest of them.
Thanks once again Sue xx
So that's it from me today...i may pop back later to share
some pic's of my Xmas fayre stall...which i can say done really well!
Thanks Hugs Clare xx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Simple Quick Christmas Cards

Thought i share with you some of the simple quick Christmas

cards Ive made this between housework,cooking dinner

and ironing school uniforms.

This year i wanted my cards for the fayre to be simple

and quick....less is more!!!

I didn't want to spend most of my time colouring images in

and then mounting them on to the cards...several times!!

I think the time it took to make one set of these cards

i would of still been colouring in one image.

What do you think???
Also i would like to thank you for your
lovely comments on my felt rag wreath(post below)
much appreciated x
That's it for hope you've had
a lovely Sunday.
Hugs Clare xx

Christmas Felt Rag Wreath

Good Afternoon All
Hope your all well and having a lovely relaxing weekend!!
Thought i would share with you my first attempt at making
a rag wreath....And thanks to the lovely Jacquie over at
For posting a fab tutorial on how to make one.
Click HERE for the tutorial and to see her gorgeous
rag wreath...also she has a giveaway to win it.

So here is you can see Ive used felt for mine
as sadly i don't own enough fabric scraps yet to make
one out of material.
But i think its looks great what ever you use!!
Looking at my wreath now....I think its lacking something
or do you think its ok as it is????
I made it last night....been dying to try it all week since
reading Jacquie's i took time out from
my fayre makes...and came up with this!!
I'm deffo going to make more...they are soooo easy.
So thanks Jacquie...for starting off this craze for
This is my youngest Jake...on the morning
of Children In Need
Wearing the spotty t-shirt i made for him to wear
to school to,i made this last min the night before
it took ages to dry and was worried that the spots
would i didn't use fabric

Anyway by the morning..thanks dried and Jake thought it was
Right that's it from me for now!!
So until next time have a lovely Sunday
Hugs Clare xx
P.s Thanks for all your lovely comments on my Xmas Fayre makes..xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Busy Busy Busy...Some Xmas Stall Makes

These are just some of the things Ive been making
for my Xmas fayre stall....Ive got just under 2weeks
left its all go..just wish there was more hours
in the day!!!
The reason for my makes this i didn't want to just
base them on the Xmas theme....I wanted to make things
that could be on display around the home all year round....Just
hope my customers like my idea!!!
Right off to bed now..loads to be getting on with over
the well as the house work!!!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend
Speak soon Hugs Clare xx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

NEC Hobbycraft Goodies & A Surprise Meet With Pic's

Good Evening All
Hope your all well,and have had a lovely weekend?
Here is as promised...i know a week late
But ive been unwell with this dreaded cold and now its gone
on my chest...and also trying to get things made
and sorted ready for my xmas fayre stall!!
So as most of you know..ever year i try and attend
the NEC Hobbycraft show...which i mostly love as i get
to meet some of my blogging friends..that i chat to
over the months/yrs and finally get to meet up!!
But to be honest i was a little dissappointed with the show this
year...i went with a huge list ...half of them i couldn't find
or they were to expensive(cheaper on ebay)
And i found the show really quiet...not sure cause
it was a ive never been on a week day before!
So here is my little stash of goodies...and for those
of you who know me well..this is very small for

Also my main reason for attending the show this year
was to meet up for the first time with my lovely
blogging friend Heidi....after chatting on the phone,lots
of emails and texts....we finally got to meet!!!
But it was a surprise meet....Heidi had texted me earlier
in the year to tell me she was demoing for Little Claire's
at the show....and ask if i was going...firstly i jumped
at the chance,but wasn't sure if a bus trip was going this had to let her know!!
But then i i tell her i can't go
and surprise her....Ha Ha!!! How Naughty of
So that's what i did....also our other friends
Hazel & Emma were in on the
I was also going to meet up with Emma at the show,
but at the last min..she was unable to go!
Hopefully next time hun x
So right up until the day..Heidi had no
So at the show i hide myself at every isle
until a came to Little Claire's Stall.....And jump out of the crowd
and in to the arms of
OMG..the look on her face...and the people
After being told off by her..for not letting her know
and telling her i wasn't going....we were in fits of
And after we both carmed is a pic of us both

So after a brief chat and lots of hugs and giggles.
Heidi had to get back to demoing
and making gorgeous always.
But i did return towards the end of the show
for another chat...and thanks to Steve(owner of Little Claire's)
He let us off to grab a coffee together....So thanks Stevex
So on return to the stall after a coffee...we had to say our goodbyes!
What a great time i had after 2yrs of being cyber friends
i got to meet my lovely friend....Heidi (waves).

Can't wait til the next show now
and fingers crossed i get to meet more of you!
So thanks for popping by
off to watch the double eviction on Xfactor
and the brand new I'm a Celebrate get me out of hereeeeeeeeeee!!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Some Xmas Stall Fayre Makes

Good Evening All
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend,and a great
Guy Fawkes Night??.....What horrible
weather we've been having..Rain,Rain & Gusty winds all
weekend...worse here last night!
Anyway due to the bad weather & catching a cold over
the weekend..i spent most of Saturday & Sunday in my
PJ's all day
sewing these gift bags(and stockings pic again) for my Xmas fayre.
The fabric i used was a pair of curtains i bought
at the boot sale back in the summer for a bargain £1.50.
What you think??
My next makes,I'm going have a go at some
Wine Bottle Gift Bags...using the same fabric.
Just hope they
Thanks for looking and popping by
hopefully tomo i will share with you my goodies
i bought at the NEC Hobbycraft show i went to
on Friday...and a pic of me and my lovely
blogging friend Heidi of 2yrs...yer we finally got to meet!
So until then hugs Clare xx