Sunday, 14 November 2010

NEC Hobbycraft Goodies & A Surprise Meet With Pic's

Good Evening All
Hope your all well,and have had a lovely weekend?
Here is as promised...i know a week late
But ive been unwell with this dreaded cold and now its gone
on my chest...and also trying to get things made
and sorted ready for my xmas fayre stall!!
So as most of you know..ever year i try and attend
the NEC Hobbycraft show...which i mostly love as i get
to meet some of my blogging friends..that i chat to
over the months/yrs and finally get to meet up!!
But to be honest i was a little dissappointed with the show this
year...i went with a huge list ...half of them i couldn't find
or they were to expensive(cheaper on ebay)
And i found the show really quiet...not sure cause
it was a ive never been on a week day before!
So here is my little stash of goodies...and for those
of you who know me well..this is very small for

Also my main reason for attending the show this year
was to meet up for the first time with my lovely
blogging friend Heidi....after chatting on the phone,lots
of emails and texts....we finally got to meet!!!
But it was a surprise meet....Heidi had texted me earlier
in the year to tell me she was demoing for Little Claire's
at the show....and ask if i was going...firstly i jumped
at the chance,but wasn't sure if a bus trip was going this had to let her know!!
But then i i tell her i can't go
and surprise her....Ha Ha!!! How Naughty of
So that's what i did....also our other friends
Hazel & Emma were in on the
I was also going to meet up with Emma at the show,
but at the last min..she was unable to go!
Hopefully next time hun x
So right up until the day..Heidi had no
So at the show i hide myself at every isle
until a came to Little Claire's Stall.....And jump out of the crowd
and in to the arms of
OMG..the look on her face...and the people
After being told off by her..for not letting her know
and telling her i wasn't going....we were in fits of
And after we both carmed is a pic of us both

So after a brief chat and lots of hugs and giggles.
Heidi had to get back to demoing
and making gorgeous always.
But i did return towards the end of the show
for another chat...and thanks to Steve(owner of Little Claire's)
He let us off to grab a coffee together....So thanks Stevex
So on return to the stall after a coffee...we had to say our goodbyes!
What a great time i had after 2yrs of being cyber friends
i got to meet my lovely friend....Heidi (waves).

Can't wait til the next show now
and fingers crossed i get to meet more of you!
So thanks for popping by
off to watch the double eviction on Xfactor
and the brand new I'm a Celebrate get me out of hereeeeeeeeeee!!!


Jacquie said...

Hi Clare , thankyou so much for your lovely comment. Glad I found your great blog :0)
Jacquie x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ahhh fabby pics Clare. Hee hee we were nawty peeps!!! LOL Glad you had fun. Looking forward to the one that I manage to get too as well. Hxxx

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

OMG OMG OMG, its an awful photo of me (double chin and dimples lol lol) but a wonderful one of the two of us, it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely to meet you at last, you know how much I luves you hunny, it was great to steal some time with you, Steve is a real sweetie, love working for him.

My turn to surprise you, watch this space or your front door, lol! I will have my revenge hee hee hee, big huggies Me xxxx ps May be doing NEC in the Spring so we may get to catch up again and also meet up with Emma etc., wont that be great! love you xxx