Sunday, 30 January 2011

Another Stuffed heart!
These are so quick and easy to make!
Thanks for popping by and a big Hello to my new followers!!
Till next time
Hugs Clare xx

Im Still Here....Back With Some Makes!!!

Good Afternoon All
Can't believe its been soooo long since my last post!!
But I'm back to show you some makes Ive been
experimenting with for....Valentines day

Mothers Day

And Easter

I'm not sure of the rabbit yet...but i did ask
a few family members could they tell what it was
and they all said a

I hope your all been keeping well...and warm?Its been
sooo cold these last few days..the wind cuts right thou you!
Ive just got over having the flu...and as we do carrying on,
went in to work Monday as normal...Jake came home from school on
Monday then with a letter from the school...telling us that we had
a confirmed case of swine flu in the school...OMG..its too close to
home now!!! anyway as you may not know,i work in the school,
i then got sent home for a couple of days
cause of the flu symptoms i had...took myself off to the doc's
he took a few tests....and confirmed it wasn't swine flu...OMG
that was the worse 5mins of my life waiting for the results.
But i could of kissed him when he said that i should stay home
for the rest of the week from work..with plenty of rest,painkillers...and lots of fluid!!
For which i did...and I'm not feeling alot better!!

So that's it....hope you all have a lovely weekend
and until next time...take care xx
hugs Clare xx

Monday, 10 January 2011

Is Its Monday Already...!!!

Good Afternoon All
Hope you all had a lovely weekend?
Can't believe its the start of another week,
where did the weekend go.....
Its a horrible dark day here rain,and more rain.
Today i got out of the school run..thank goodness
due to the rain...cause Little J was invited to tea
after school over at is friends house....Shhhhh can you
hear it???? nor me its bliss
So i thought i would share with you some of the zipped
purses Ive been making since having my new machine..and
i can say after making my first one...they can become
an addictive make!!!!
So here are some.....

This last one as you can see
i used some free hand machine
on the flowers...and i can not put my
hands up to the crochet flowers...i bought them already
made at the Hobby craft Show back last year.
Right off i little one hanging on the leg,
so its off to whiz the cleaner round and get tea ready before all peace
So until next time
Hugs Clare xx
P.s I will be popping round to all the birthday swap
blogs later this evening...cant wait to have a nosy round them!!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year & Im Back!!

Good Evening All
A big Happy New Year from me...Hope you all
had a lovely Christmas..can't believe the first week
of January is over already.
Tuesday was back to work & school for us...and OMG thank god
its the
Can't wait for a lie in
Was hoping for a snowy day today in work/school
We had a load of snow thou the nite and then around 6.00am
this morning it started to rain and washed all the snow away
or just made it in to slush...Boo it was off to school/work
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas...we were lucky enough
not to have any germs in the house over Xmas...i think we had
ours lending up to Xmas...which was lucky.
We were suppose of finished for Xmas on the 17th....but due to bad snow
we broke up on the 16th...lucky the kids already had Xmas parties,
concerts,pantomime a extra day off for the Xmas hols it was!
On the 20th sis-in-law went in to hospital to be induced,but
things wasn't happening down below...and then finally
had the baby on Wednesday 22nd Dec by Csection and she
was allowed home with baby Xmas eve.
And here he baby nephew Cameron,isn't he lush!!
This was taken on boxing day up my parents house
where there was 16 of us for boxing day know
chips,cold meat,pickles...yummy!!!

Here are some of my Xmas pressies.....

My Fist attempt at free hand embroidery..and after
reading this fab book by Poppy Treffy...i just had to have a go.
I think this is ok for my first try....

My Lovely mum bought Kirstie for me
and what a lovely book..just wish there
was more projects in there.

And look what my gorgeous hubby got me
A new sewing machine...and its the best.
Its so easy to use..its i can now sew in the evenings
while kids in bed and hubby watching TV...with out him moaning
about the

Its got loads of stitches it can can drop
the feed dog down for free hand motion(what i done
for the cupcake above)its got a zip foot,button foot.
It took me the day after boxing day to have a go..was to scared
at first...but i was so itching to make something..esp using the zip foot
i made a zipped purse(will add pic's soon)which has become
an addiction to me....making zipped
But now Ive run out of
Also had the usuall things...Pj's,slippers,smellies,

Anyway enough of me...I would like to welcome my new
followers....and say a big Hello to anyone
that has popped by to have a nosy...from the birthday swap.
I put my name down to join up in the birthday swap
and i so can't wait to start sending out my first birthday card and gift.

So a Big Happy New New Year
I hope 2011 is going to be a good one for all of us.
I'm hoping to sell my makes online.....more on that again!

So if I'm not back over the weekend..I wish you
all a lovely weekend what ever your doing!

Hugs Clare xx