Sunday, 30 January 2011

Im Still Here....Back With Some Makes!!!

Good Afternoon All
Can't believe its been soooo long since my last post!!
But I'm back to show you some makes Ive been
experimenting with for....Valentines day

Mothers Day

And Easter

I'm not sure of the rabbit yet...but i did ask
a few family members could they tell what it was
and they all said a

I hope your all been keeping well...and warm?Its been
sooo cold these last few days..the wind cuts right thou you!
Ive just got over having the flu...and as we do carrying on,
went in to work Monday as normal...Jake came home from school on
Monday then with a letter from the school...telling us that we had
a confirmed case of swine flu in the school...OMG..its too close to
home now!!! anyway as you may not know,i work in the school,
i then got sent home for a couple of days
cause of the flu symptoms i had...took myself off to the doc's
he took a few tests....and confirmed it wasn't swine flu...OMG
that was the worse 5mins of my life waiting for the results.
But i could of kissed him when he said that i should stay home
for the rest of the week from work..with plenty of rest,painkillers...and lots of fluid!!
For which i did...and I'm not feeling alot better!!

So that's it....hope you all have a lovely weekend
and until next time...take care xx
hugs Clare xx


Jille said...

Hope that you're feeling better soon. You've some lovely makes!
Jille x

Jenny said...

your heart decorations are lovely, especially the gingham one, gorgeous! x

Helen Philipps said...

Hello Clare thanks for popping in to visit me the other day on my blog! I see we like similar things too! Will be back to visit you again. Have a great week. Helen x

Maaike said...

Oh the hearts and the bird are sooo cute! Have a great weekend, love Maaike