Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Art Of Knitting....!!!!! Or Is It???

The air is blue in the Wilkinson's household this weekend
I'm learning how to
Hubby bought me The Art Of Knitting
For Valentines Day when we went
when we went shopping yesterday.
The first issue is 99p and then £2.99
every week....OMG every week I'm sure it didn't say that
when advertising on the
So Ive now learnt to the art of casting on
it only took me all of
I'm now learning The Knit Stitch
And the air is blue.......

I really take my hat off to all those that can knit!
Wish me luck....


LaaLaa said...

Ah! Persevere with it Clare. It will all click into place and you'll love it. xx

Kandi said...

Oh well done, you will become addicted once you get the hang of it! If you get stuck, have a look on youtube for tutorials, it's sometimes easier to watch someone do it that to read the instuctions.
Look forward to seeing what you make!
Kandi x

Blueberry Heart said...

best of luck with that!!

BH x

Jille said...

Keep trying - it reallly will 'click' in the end!
Jille x

bears footprints said...

oh like wise, i brought it too, i havent got too far either but im sure it will improve x

Helen Philipps said...

Good luck! It will be sooo worth it! I love knitting, it's so calming and satisfying. Hope you get to love it too! Helen x

Sharon said...

Hi, I've just started knitting too! I subscribed to The Art of Knitting weeks ago, and still haven't received my first copy, so am going it alone! Good luck!