Monday, 21 February 2011

Blog Award & Some Fabby News

Good Afternoon all

Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

And that your all well!!!

Its the start of half term week this means a week

off work and

(hopefully)lots of crafting time...!!

Back last week i was awarded this

Stylish Blooger Award

From the lovely Rebecca over at

So Thank you sooo much Becky for passing

this award on to me!

So, the recipient of the award needs to..

1.Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.

2.Share 7 things about yourself

3.Award 15 bloggers

4.Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

OMG...7 things about goes.....

1- Im a born and breed Welsh Lady

From South Wales Valley's

(No Sheep Jokes

From the home town of the Manic Street Preachers

And the Welsh Boxer Joe Calzaghe

Went to the same comprehensive school as them!!

2- Im the only female in the house...3 males!!

Tried to make it a bit more femine on the weekend...

i bought i new duvet cover for our bed

It was from Argos...the patchwork quilt like one

Its gorgeous...with pale blue & white dots on the

reverse...only £12.99 for a double!

So i showed the little J it and he said "What about daddy.....

I said "why cause its got pink flowers on it....and he said

"yes...daddy's not a

So this is what ill get now....every time i put a bit of pink

around the

3- I love riding on the back of hubbies GSXR 600 motorbike

riding thou all the welsh mountains,meeting up with other

bikers..also love going to bike shows with the family!

4-I love wearing my jeans and a hoody....give

me a pair of jeans any day....the last skirt i wore

was my school skirt..many many years ago....the last dress

i wore was my wedding

5- My/Our Dream that one day we will get to

move to the other side of the world Australia to live for a better

life for the boys.....if we had the money be gone tomo!

6- I hope that one day i will get to learn to drive...Ive had

loads of lessons over the years...but then gave up!!

But walking everywhere is great

7- Twice a year i take a trip toBirmingham to the NEC hobby craft show

To meet up with blogging friends...Ive been doing this now for about 4yrs

this is my 4th...and i love it...Ive meet loads of people...and I'm still

friends with now....and hopefully ill get to meet up again in march!

Right now I'm suppose to pass this on to 15 blogging friends

but i know that loads of you have already had this award

But if not feel free to take we would love to hear

7 things about you!!!

Also on the weekend i found out i was the lucky winner

of not one but two blog giveaways....How

lucky is that!!

The first giveaway was over at the lovely

Take a look at the gorgeous goodies

Ive won....if you've not been over to Hannah's

blog....i highly recommend you won't be disappointed!

Thanks So Much Hannah xx

My 2nd win was over at the lovely

Sarah is celebrating hitting 200 followers

and for that has started running a monthly freebie

on the 1st of every month....and i was lucky

enough to be one of the lucky winners

of her 1st freebie giveaway....and just look

at all that felt & gorgeous buttons Ive won!!!

Thank so much Sarah xxx

Also i would like to thank all those that commented

on my post below regards to me learning to knit...

loads of encouragement from you all....but Ive got to

say...its bloody hard stitches keep dropping

off my needles,i keep dropping the

I'm blaming the needles...i think i need different ones.

So I'm hoping that when i go to the hobby & stitch NEC show

next month....I'm going to buy some new needles

and look out for some one to one

So until next time....hugs Clare xx

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♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Hello :)
Oooo you treated yourself to the patchwork stylee one ~ nice. A little bit of pink here and there is not a bad thing. I have just added some info to my blog post for you hun.
Have a good weekend xx