Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sunday 23rd May On The Beach @ Sully

Good Morning
Hope your all well....
What gorgeous weather we've been having
its been so hot here...its been killing!
But its a lot cooler here today...and we are suppose
to be having rain here tonight...hope so but hope it
doesn't last...just enough to wetter the plants..and to have a good night
I also thought i would share with you some pic's of our
day spent out at Sully Beach celebrating our son
Jordan's 12th Birthday.....and here are the pic's...

Jake(left) & Jordan(right)

And Sully Island,the tide was just starting to come
in...and the sea was like a mirror..not a ripple in sight.
We spent the morning at a massive Boot Sale..but it was just to
hot to look proper....but i did buy some material
Jordan bought a few DVD's with his birthday money
and hubby bought a battery charger....and the bargain of the day
was a Wii Game called Sega Bass Fishing which was just £5 and it
came with the fishing rod......
Hopefully and fingers crossed the weather will be good
again on we can take a trip there again!
I so love this time of year,as the boot sales start.
Right that's it from me....hopefully ill be back soon with
some i rented a excellent book from the
library yesterday...called Fast Fabric Gifts by Sally Southern
And what a excellent read...and now my mind is working over
TTFN Clare x

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