Friday, 29 April 2011

My Easter Bargain

Good Evening All
Hope your all well

Thought i would share with you my Easter bargain
This gorgeous Dresser

I bought it off Ebay..last week
and i love it....i love it even more cause
i won it for 56pounds....and the night before
id won a tenner on lottery,so it only cost me 46...what
a bargain i say!!!
Ive been wanting one like this for ages
and it matches the rest of my furniture.

I'm slowly filling it with all my bits n bobs
esp all my swap goodies..its great i got somewhere
special to display them(will add pic again)

What you think of my polka dot wooden bunting
i painted the other day??

Anyway thought I'd share it with you!!!

Thanks for popping by
hugs Clare xx


home made gorgeous said...

Wow this is gorgeous!! Lucky you and what a bargain! Love the wooden bunting :) Sarah x

Jenny said...

Wow what an absolute bargain! That's an amazing price for such a lovely piece, good old ebay! Hope you had a great day yesterday xx

Claire said...

Wooden Bunting, now that's different, love the polka dots, too cute.

Fab dresser and bargain price, well done.

Claire :}

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

What an absolute bargain, well done. The bunting looks lovely...whats going on it next ? x

quiltjude said...

What a lovely buy. You will have many happy years wandering past and smiling! :) lovely blog too